RVM Tips

Uninstall RVM

rvm implode 


rm -rf ~/.rvm

List all .rvmrc contents and save it to a file.

I had to list .rvmrc contents for a lot of rails projects. Instead of doing it manually, here is the power of unix commands solving that problem.

Step 1

List all directories.

ls -l | cut -c 47-

Grab the string from character position 47 to the end of the string

Step 2

For each directory
a) cd to that directory
a) cat .rvmrc
b) append output to rvm.txt file


ls -l | cut -c 47- | xargs -I {} cat {}/.rvmrc

To sort and save only unique entries:

ls -l | cut -c 47- | xargs -I {} cat {}/.rvmrc | sort | uniq > rvmrc.txt

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