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The following tips are the result of searching for solutions for problems encountered during work. So these tips are tested solutions discussed in the online forum and blogs.

Array in MySQL Database


Here are the steps to Store Array in MySQL database in a Rails project.

Step 1

The column type should be text

Step 2

Serialize the column. In the active record class :

serialize :your_field

Step 3

Book.new(:your_field => [1,2])

How to load nested models in Rails 3.2

config.autoload_paths += Dir[Rails.root.join('app', 'models', '{**}')]

How to setup Authlogic 3.1.3, Rails 3.2, Rspec 2.11

Add the following two lines to spec_helper.rb:

require "authlogic/test_case"
include Authlogic::TestCase

in the controller spec add :

before { activate_authlogic }


Step 1


gem 'pry' 

to Gemfile in the development group

Step 2


Step 3

In the source :


to halt execution. Type 'exit' to pop from the binding. The pry-nav gem provides step, next, and continue to create a simple debugger.

Turn off generating css.sass and js.coffee files

config.generators.stylesheets = false
config.generators.javascripts = false

in application.rb

Decode URL Parameters

> u = URI.unescape('2013-03-01%2000:00Z')
=> "2013-03-01 00:00Z"

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