How to Install Alpha SSL certificate using Moonshine for Rails 4.1


Step 1

When you generate the CSR request, do not provide pass phrase. If you provide the passphrase you can still install successfully by removing the password from the key:

openssl rsa -in /path/to/originalkeywithpass.key -out /path/to/newkeywithnopass.key

Use the newkeywithnopass.key in moonshine.yml. This is explained below.

Step 2

When you purchase your SSL certificate from Alpha SSL, you will get the following certificates:

  1. GlobalSign Root CA Certificate
  2. AlphaSSL intermediate Certificate (intermediate_domain.crt)
  3. Your domain SSL Certificate (

Copy the intermediate certificate, your domain certificate and the key file to your server /home/rails/certs folder.

Step 3

Specify the values in moonshine.yml:

  :certificate_file: /home/rails/certs/
  :certificate_key_file: /home/rails/certs/yourdomain.key
  :certificate_chain_file: /home/rails/certs/intermediate_domain.crt

Step 4


config.force_ssl = true

in production.rb of your Rails application.

Step 5

Check in your code and do a cap deploy. That's it.


If you have problems getting green bar for SSL connection on browsers due to some links not using https, you can find out which links are non https by using the online tool

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