Deploying Static Site on Google App Engine

Deploying static app on AWS is a bit involved. You have to setup Route 53 and upload the files to S3 and configure it as a Web Server. Google App Engine is a bit easier.

Step 1

Create a new app from the Google cloud console

Step 2

Download the Google Cloud SDK for your OS and install by running the

Step 3

Create a directory named as your app id. The html files will be within the www directory, the css files will be inside www/css folder:


Step 4

Create a app.yaml file inside the app id folder:

runtime: python27

api_version: 1

threadsafe: true


- url: /

  static_files: www/index.html

  upload: www/index.html

- url: /(.*)

  static_files: www/\1

  upload: www/(.*)

You don't need to specify the CSS file directory or the files in the app.yaml file. It takes a few minutes for any changes to be seen in the browser.

Step 5

Run the following command from within the root directory of your application where the app.yaml file is located:

gcloud app deploy

View the deployed static site and profit! Things have changed a bit since I deployed a static app on Google cloud few years ago. But, it took me only 30 minutes to deploy my static app.

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