String Interpolation vs to_s Performance in MRI Ruby 2.3.0

Let's use benchmark-ips gem to compare the performance of string interpolation vs to_s method.

require 'benchmark/ips'

Benchmark.ips do |x|"to_s") { (1+2).to_s }"String interpolation") { "#{1+2}"}
  # Compare the iterations per second of the various reports!!

Run the benchmark.

ruby tos.rb

We see that the string interpolation is 1.72x times slower.

Warming up --------------------------------------
                to_s   151.852k i/100ms
String interpolation   130.251k i/100ms
Calculating -------------------------------------
                to_s      7.028M (± 5.0%) i/s -     35.078M
String interpolation      4.094M (± 3.8%) i/s -     20.449M

                to_s:  7028500.0 i/s
String interpolation:  4094177.4 i/s - 1.72x slower


In this article, you learned that string interpolation is much slower than to_s method.

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