How to Find Out Where a Method is Defined in Rails 5

View Helpers

What are the available view helpers? We can call methods on the helper object available in rails console.

 > helper.methods
 => [:title, :admin_area, :alert, :cookies, :view_cache_dependencies, :protect_against_forgery?, :form_authenticity_token, :notice, :fragment_cache_key, :config, :config=, :locale, :locale=, :logger, :default_formats, :default_formats=, :logger=, :streaming_completion_on_exception, ...] 

The result shows that we have Rails 5 specific helpers as well as the helpers that we defined in our project such as title, admin_area etc.

Where are the view helper methods such as truncate, link_to and number_to_currency defined in Rails 5? We can use the method method to answer that question.

 > helper.method(:truncate)
 => #<Method: ActionView::Base(ActionView::Helpers::TextHelper)#truncate> 
 > helper.method(:link_to)
 => #<Method: ActionView::Base(ActionView::Helpers::UrlHelper)#link_to> 
 > helper.method(:number_to_currency)
 => #<Method: ActionView::Base(ActionView::Helpers::NumberHelper)#number_to_currency> 

Class Methods

How to find out where a class method in our application is defined? We can use the singleton_method that takes the name of the class method as the argument in combination with source_location method.

 > Task.singleton_method(:incomplete).source_location
 => ["/Users/bparanj/projects/blog5/app/models/task.rb", 9] 

This technique will work even for code that you did not write such as gems that application uses.

Controller Helpers

What helpers are available in our controllers?

 > ApplicationController.helpers.methods
 => [:title, :admin_area, :alert, :cookies, :view_cache_dependencies, :protect_against_forgery?, :form_authenticity_token, :notice, :fragment_cache_key, :config, :config=, :locale, :locale=, :logger, :default_formats, :default_formats=, :logger=, :streaming_completion_on_exception, :debug_missing_translation, :debug_missing_translation=, :assets_manifest, :assets_prefix, :assets_prefix=, :digest_assets, ...] 


In this article, you learned about the view helpers, controller helpers and how to find their location in the code.

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