Handling Exceptions in Rails 5


Step 1

Browsing to a non-existing task http://localhost:3000/tasks/100 throws a stack trace when ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound exception is raised. This is the behavior in development environment.

Step 2

In development.rb, you can see:

# Show full error reports.
config.consider_all_requests_local = true

This flag is the reason why the stack trace is shown in the browser.

Step 3

Start the Rails app in production mode.

RAILS_ENV=production rails s

Hit the URL with task id that does not exist in the database: http://localhost:3001/tasks/100. You will see an error page in the browser:

An unhandled lowlevel error occurred. The application logs may have details.

In the log file:

Rack app error: #<RuntimeError: Missing `secret_key_base` for 'production' environment, set this value in `config/secrets.yml`>

Note that there is no stack trace shown in the browser in production mode.

Step 4

export SECRET_KEY_BASE='secret'

Go to task show page for a task id that does not exist. You will see an error in the browser:

We're sorry, but something went wrong.
If you are the application owner check the logs for more information.

The user does not see any stack trace for any errors that occurs in production.

Step 5

We can render 404 by customizing the exception handling. Add the following code to application controller.

rescue_from ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound, with: :not_found_error


def not_found_error
  render plain: '404 Not Found', status: :not_found

Step 6

By default, 500.html is displayed in production and 404 Not Found in development. If you change the implementation for not_found_error to following:

render file: 'public/401', status: :not_found

It does not work in development.

Step 7

Let's change the implementation of not_found_error to:

render nothing: true, status: :unauthorized

This results in deprecation warning.

DEPRECATION WARNING: `:nothing` option is deprecated and will be removed in Rails 5.1. Use `head` method to respond with empty response body. (called from not_found_error at /Users/bparanj/projects/blog5/app/controllers/application_controller.rb:11)
  Rendered text template (0.0ms)
Completed 401 Unauthorized in 11ms (Views: 1.9ms | ActiveRecord: 0.8ms)

The render nothing: true has been deprecated in Rails 5. The alternative is to use:

head :unauthorized

If you access a non-existent task, you will get unauthorized status code in the log file.

Started GET "/tasks/100" for ::1 at 2016-03-30 21:01:12 -0700
Processing by TasksController#show as HTML
  Parameters: {"id"=>"100"}
  Task Load (0.1ms)  SELECT  "tasks".* FROM "tasks" WHERE "tasks"."id" = ? LIMIT ?  [["id", 100], ["LIMIT", 1]]
Completed 401 Unauthorized in 8ms (ActiveRecord: 0.7ms)

The render file call:

render file: 'public/401.html', status: :not_found

does not work. Note:

consider_all_requests_local = true

means the stack trace will be displayed on the browser.


The last version of Rails that had rescue_action_in_public is 2.3.8. It is no longer available in Rails 5.


In this article, you learned how to handle exceptions by defining your own exception handlers in Rails 5.

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