Web Development in Ruby : Generate Documents using Templates


To learn how to use embedded ruby to merge data with a template.


Step 1

Create a name.rb class:

class Name
  def initialize
    @name = 'Bugs Bunny'

  # This is only a helper method to access
  # the object's (private) binding method
  def get_binding

Step 2

Create a welcome.html.erb file:

Welcome <%= @name %>

Step 3

Create a play.rb class:

require 'erb'
require_relative 'name'

name = Name.new

erb_file = File.read(File.join(__dir__, 'welcome.html.erb'))

template = ERB.new(erb_file)
output = template.result(name.get_binding)

puts output

Read the Ruby documentation to learn about what the above code does. Start experimenting with other methods in the ERB class.


In this article you learned how to use ERB to generate dynamic documents by merging a given template with values from an object.

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