Applying the Post Redirect Get Pattern to Striped Application


We will use the Striped project as an example to illustrate the Post-Redirect-Get pattern. Purchase a product as a guest. When the checkout form does a post to the sales controller create action, the app/views/sales/create.html.erb is displayed. If you refresh the browser when the sales/create page is displayed you will get a 'Confirm Form Resubmission' popup window. The customer payment should happen only once for a product, since the POST is not idempotent, we should redirect the user after the purchase is complete. This page will use a GET request to display the purchase confirmation page. Since GET is a safe operation, it will charge the customer more than once, the user can refresh the browser without affecting the state on the server.


Step 1

Define the route for the purchase confirmation path.

get 'sales/show', as: :purchase_confirmation

Step 2

Change the sales controller create action to redirect the user to the purchase confirmation page.

  def create    
    log_message = 'Guest checkout failed due to'
    user_message = 'Checkout failed. We have been notified about this problem'

    cleanup = -> { session[:product_id] = nil }
    main = -> do
      user = current_or_guest_user
      @payment = Actors::Customer::UseCases.guest_checkout(session[:product_id], params[:stripeToken], user)
      @product = Product.find(session[:product_id])      

    run_with_stripe_exception_handler(log_message, user_message, main, cleanup)

    redirect_to purchase_confirmation_path(product_id: @product, payment_id: @payment)

The last line of the create action now has the redirect.

Step 3

Rename the app/views/create.html.erb to app/views/show.html.erb.

Step 4

Define the show page that loads the product and payment models so that the details of purchase can be displayed.

  def show
    @product = Product.find(params[:product_id])
    @payment = Payment.find(params[:payment_id])

Now if you purchase a product, the redirect will make the purchase confirmation page safe to refresh. You can download the entire source code for this article using the commit hash 02a7246 from


Redirect After Post

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